Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements

One of the world’s fastest-growing industries, the field of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements is also one of the most scrutinized by regulators and other industry watchdogs. As a serious player in this marketplace, you can’t afford to run afoul of the FTC, VISA or other compliance enforcers.

Build Healthier Sales – Through Genco Payments

We recognize your unique challenges and understand that you need a financial institution you can trust to help keep your business churning, without violating card brand rules or accepted marketing practices. Having helped hundreds of nutra merchants over the past 20 years, we get your “pain.” Our knowledge and awareness of the high-risk credit card processors’ promises…everything from 2% rates, to guaranteed approval and other “secret sauces”…enables us to steer you away from the hustlers and into a solid relationship with an honest, stable bank.

Extensive experience in this industry enables Genco Payments to introduce you to processing sources with integrity who can reliably deliver, without hype or hubris. A legitimate bank that can work as an asset for your business will want to know your marketing model, your FTC compliance, billing disclosure practices and compliance with card brand rules. We can act as your supportive liaison in these matters, ensuring a seamless match that will help accelerate your sales.

Expedite a Stronger Market Presence

Get every bit of the market share you can, by utilizing partners and tools that expedite your profit-making procedures. Genco Payments has been there…done that…with powerful results to show for our service integration skills. Our guidance reflects more than two decades of facilitating access to quality banking support.

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