CBD and Hemp

Demand continues to grow at a rapid pace for the CBD and Hemp industries, providing new markets and opportunities. You can’t afford to sit back and watch the market expand around you, simply because you’re constrained by a lack of reliable credit card processing.

Theodore Monroe, explains the ins and outs of payment processing for CBD and Hemp merchants.

Processing That’s Product-Practical

Let Genco Payments connect you with a solid bank that understands your products. Someone who will evaluate your company solely on the performance of your business. And keep your CBD enterprise moving forward faster.

With so much that is misunderstood in this new, but burgeoning industry, it pays to have someone in your corner who has a proven track record in this market and knows its many intricacies. Remember that processing companies will often make bold promises that they cannot keep, especially if they are unfamiliar with your business model. Why risk the possibility of an FTC lawsuit, when the alternative is to let us match you up with a solution that is efficient and reliably stable?

Reduce the chance of theft or fraud and enjoy the security of a good, straightforward processing program that was previously out of reach for “high risk” businesses such as yours. Genco Payments offers the experience, expertise and extraordinary service to keep your transactions humming, day after day.

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Scale Up and Break Out – with Assistance from Genco Payments

We are trusted industry consultants who help clients such as you, with unique payment needs, find the right bank. Not only can we connect you with a comfortable fit for your market, but we can lead you to safe processing solutions that accelerate your profit opportunities.

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