Multi-Level Marketing

You’re in a high-powered business, with direct sales that require reliable credit card processing. Yet it’s often difficult for your business to retain a good, solid bank without jumping through a variety of hoops with increasing levels of complexity.

Payment processing attorney Theodore F. Monroe explains how chargebacks affect your merchant account.

Simplify the Process – with Genco Payments

We know your business and, just as important, we know how to match your company with a good, legitimate credit card processing source who understands the intricacies of your market. No one is better at providing guidance through and over the various hurdles that can be problematic for a “high risk” business seeking a solid, working processing arrangement. Utilizing years of expertise and legal acumen, Genco can help burnish your company’s image, so that you are rightfully viewed as one whom banks and financial institutions can respect and trust.

Let Genco Payments guide you through the business minefield and lead you to the appropriate bank for your needs. Our goal through all of this is to make your life simpler and to set you up for success. We do this by sorting through the faulty promises, hidden fees and marketing hype, to make sure your processing platform works to accelerate your sales. That means:

  • Better Security
  • Eliminate “red flags”
  • More suitable banks

Leverage All the Possibilities

As a network marketing merchant, your highly specialized business deserves processing that’s suited just for you. We’ll find that and more for you, enabling you to take advantage of online shopping cart integration, mobile phone processing and a wide range of other advantageous Internet marketing tools. So put Genco Payments to the test, and get a higher level of multi-level marketing support.

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