Credit Card Processing

Built on Ingenuity and Integrity

Running a business in today’s world is full of challenges, but finding a good, honest credit card payment processor shouldn’t be one of them. You deserve someone with integrity, who’s affordable and committed to helping you grow your business at a pace that fits your growth model. That’s Genco Payments, with the experience and the desire to work with high-risk businesses – without false promises, hidden fees or surprises – so you can prosper.

We provide customized solutions that give your customers a fast, efficient way to pay for your products and services. Here’s why you can use Genco Payments with confidence.



Genco was created and is overseen by one of the industry’s most respected payment attorneys, with over 20 years experience handling complex credit card processing matters.



We are totally transparent and principled, with our own brick and mortar office, and an invitation to visit us for coffee any time. We are real businesspeople with real names.



Our knowledge and level of sophistication enable us to tailor a solution that is not only fast and efficient, but also optimized for your particular industry and business style.

We Love High-Risk Clients

Many good, legitimate businesses run into problems with banks and other institutional credit card processors because…for one reason or another…they are considered high risk. If you operate in one of those industries, you know the frustrations of trying to secure trusted, quality merchant services. Those that do agree to handle your business are often deceptive and/or unreliable, at best.

Genco Payments welcomes high-risk businesses because we’ve made our living by serving them…honestly and dependably. Our legal expertise enables us to create solutions that meet all of your needs, while also satisfying all industry regulations and requirements. In short, we have you covered, from beginning to end. Whether you are just starting out or have been running your entity for many years, Genco Payments can help keep your business humming.